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Increasing Your e-Business

Cross Border e-Business Challenges

Unstandardized services

Rising freight




Lake of tailored product

Truck driver shortage

Complex custom regulations

Low/poor visibility, lack of tracking end-2-end tools

Insufficient service levels in fulfillments

Compliance and risks


Delays Caused by Potential Errors From Different Parties

Delays Caused by Potential Errors From Different Parties.png

How MIQ Address These Issues?

How MIQ Address These Issues

MIQ Modular Solutions

MIQ’s Global E-Commerce Gateway (GeG) is a cloud-based service. GeG manages a suite of integrated cross-border logistic applications:

Support centralized logistics data storage for information sharing
Direct connections to government’s customs systems for rapid customs filings
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Enable any participants to share most recent logistics activities and resolve issues instantly
Tracks and update end-2-end shipment status to improve visibility
Facilitates information and process flows to automate the process
Provide Last-mile transportation management system for faster delivery

MIQ Application Suites

MIQ Services.png
GeG’s Applications

Application Foundation

Provides application, user account/roles, securities, exception & alert, document, and report modules, etc. that help WebApp developers to develop apps effectively.

Customs Management

Includes customs brokers, HTS codes, customs/regulatory compliance, duties, and on-hold alert modules, etc.  For faster custom releases.

Transportation Management

Supports courier service selection, rate management, rapid label printing, tracking, and proof of delivery (POD), etc. modules for speed deliveries.

Centralizing Cross-Border Logistic Data

MIQ’s Global E-Commerce Gateway (GeG) is a web service, which hosts cross-border logistic applications for participants to collaborate online in real-time to resolve issues and achieve faster & better package deliveries.


GeG centralized repository of data, and all logistics documents, manifests, and reports can be automatically generated on demand, which simplifies a once tedious and error-prone process

Bringing In Your Specialists To Collaborate

GeG connects your most favorite logistic specialists such as your consolidators, air/ocean carriers, forwarders, customs brokers, and last-mile couriers together as a tightly integrated workgroup and streamlines the import processes and deliveries.

global eCommerce gateway.png


Cost-Saving icon.png


Centralized data driven services. Automate shipment processes and tracking

Efficient icon.png


Data accuracy and validation at origins. Minimum or no operator’s mistakes and delays.

Productive icon.png


Instant response or resolve issues among members in the workgroup. Faster the delivery.

Third-party logistics
(3PL / TPL)

GeG not only can facilitate your own 3PL partners as members of your workgroup but also pre-screen some 3PL for you to pick. These 3PLs can handle in/out bounds of more than half a million of parcels per day at key ports in the USA as shown at right.

Third-Party  Logistics  (3PL, or TPL).png
Third-Party Logistics (3PL, or TPL)
Delivery Service Partners (DSP).png

Delivery Service Partners (DSP)

Short for Delivery Service Partner, DSPs are owner-operators that run their own package delivery business. In simple words, they deliver third-party packages, acting as your logistics partners.

Delivery Service Partners (DSP)

Customized Products To Meet Your Needs

All GeG application supports cloud-based user interface and API. Whenever your companies have a need for cross-border modules or integration, the MIQ service team will build a service team and create a solution around them.

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Customized Services

Why MIQ Express?

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