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Solving the Challenges of Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Transportation Management

GeG Last-mile (GLM) system manages a suite of integrated logistics Transportation Management applications – that an organization can use to manage couriers’ services, rates, labels, reports, tracking and provide proof of delivery, etc.

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Last-Mile Delivery is the Pivotal of 
TMS Operations

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GLM System Features

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Service Setup
Small image 02.png
Label Creation / Printing, Manifest Submission
Small image 03.png
Subscriber and Subscription Management 
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Small image 05.png
Courier Billing Reconciliation
Small image 06.png
User Roles meet Sarbanes-Oxley Act 
Small image 07.png
KPI and Exception Reports
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Three Easy Steps For Your 
Last-Mile Transportation Management 

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Rate Sheet Management

Customs - Computer LastMile.png
Carrier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) providers can manage rate sheets for service cost and billing calculations

Customize Your Own Labels

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Tracking Your Packages Movement

Customs - Computer LastMile 02.png
Customs - Computer LastMile 03.png


Enable CEP providers to process the shipment exceptions and billing data


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More Efficient Processes
Small Pic04.png
Security Driven by User Roles
Small Pic02.png
Rapid Label Printing 
Small Pic05.png
Improve Process Visibility
Small Pic03.png
Error Reduction from Digital Transformation
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