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Expedite Your Customs Clearances

GeG for Entry Type 86

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Type 86 Custom Clearance

Is defined as any lump sum of goods imported under fair retail value of $800 dollars, which can be cleared as tax free per person per day.

MIQ Global E-Commerce Gateway (GeG)

Is a cloud-based Software as a service (SaaS) platform that hosting many in-house developed cross-border logistics related applications.

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T86 Customs Filing Leader

In 2021, GeG expedited 100+ millions of T86 entry releases electronically while meeting CBP’s border protection, import security, and safety requirements.

GeG Customs Filing Features


Three Easy Steps to Submit Your Type 86 Entries

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Build Your Global Trade Expert Team
Create & Deploy Cross-border Shipments
Shipment Tracking,  Handling, and Closing

All-In-One Customs Clearance Status At Your Fingertips

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Automatically Receiving Exception Alerts


Global End-To-End Excellence 01.png
Global End-To-End Excellence 
Rapid Customs Clearance 01.png
Rapid Customs Clearance 
Error Reduction from Digital Transformation 01.png
Error Reduction from Digital Transformation
Security Driven by User Roles 01.png
Security Driven by User Roles
Improve process Visibility 01.png
Improve Process Visibility
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Why MIQ Express?

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