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World's Leading Logistics Advocate

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Our Influence

Novel Solutions For Cross Border E-Commerce Logistics
Image by John Simmons


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Why Choose Us?

Faster, Better, and Cost Efficient
24/7 Custom Clearance
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Rapid Last Mile Label Printing System
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Affiliate Service 

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20+ years Professional Experience

How It Works?

Streamlines Your Global e-Commerce Logistics
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Our Solution Platform

Web Services for Cross-Border Affiliates to Collaborate and Speeds Up Deliveries
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Global End-2-End Excellence

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Direct Custom Connections

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Direct Delivery Service Partner (DSP) Connections

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Rapid Local Label Printing Server

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Digital Transformation and Automation

Proud Partners

See What Our Clients Say
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WG Express

MIQ’s real-time APIs integration achieves our automatic customs filing goal. Very happy to work with MIQ support team.

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Cosmo Freight

MIQ’s GeG open architecture joins our cross-border affiliates to be a tightly integrated workgroup to speed up our deliveries

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Gemini Express

We’ve reduced costs, improved on-time performance in our supply chain, and improved our import compliance to USA

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Their ability help us identify the proper harmonized codes to expedite customs clearance saved us time and money.

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